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JoAnn Dutton is a large scale artist and California licensed General Contractor. Her natural sense of creativity aligned with her knowledge and experience in construction is the winning combination for her immediate and long term promote and implement art into all aspects of new build...both commercial and residential. As well, there is a great need for more Public Art. It changes people and stimulates an energy for all who have the opportunity to experience it. There are so many architects and designers with fabulous ideas which could only be fulfilled by talented artisans. However, most artisans are limited in their knowledge of how to integrate their talents within the framework of construction without direction from a contractor...the majority of whom are more linear oriented. JoAnn fills this niche as a source of connection, a liaison between architects, designers and artisans. Her ability to consult, coordinate and oversee a project from left brain logic and right brain creativity opens new doors for all.  

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