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THE HEART of Thousand Oaks

The HeART of Thousand Oaks

"It’s been the proverbial 'long and winding road' to the heart of my creative spirit…a soulful path of self discovery, self acceptance and an understanding that artistic expression is far more than a pretty picture. For me, it’s the ultimate blessing of seeing the Universe in action. I believe we all have within us these special gifts which manifest outwardly in many unique ways. Whether right or left brained, an abstract or linear thinker, I subscribe innately to a belief that at the core of all we each do is Creativity."

Currently underway, on the Boulevard near the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza, is the innovation of a very special gallery and grounds. Its concept and implementation is a collaborative effort between two business partners who came together through a spark of their similar imaginations. The idea was born from a shared desire to unite people and ignite people in an ambient setting of Light, HeART and Music. As a beacon for cultural diversity, the gallery will transport visitors into an expanded experience of our beautiful World. The new destination venue will have its unveiling in the coming months and promises to deliver an inviting and one-of-a-kind gathering place for Everyone. 

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